Children of Syria

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I happened to run across a documentary on PBS’s Frontline last night entitled, “Children of Syria.”  Doctor turned photojournalist, Marcel Mettelsiefen tells the one of many stories of the Syrian conflict and its devastation through the eyes of 4 siblings.  We see these 4 children having to grow up in such horrific conditions.  My heart was left touched and bleeding for these children who have endured so much, including the kidnapping of their dad by members of ISIS.

“Syria changed my life.” ~ Marcel Mettelsiefen

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As an American, I hear so much talk concerning this part of the world and my fellow humans who live there.  There’s so much talk about ISIS.  After seeing this documentary, I realize that not all members of this radical group are willing participants-some are men, and/or sons, who were taken from their loving families, not knowing if they’ll ever be reunited. Imagine yourself being a 12 year old, expected to make the most of your life, and having to deal with the uncertainty of your kidnapped father’s well-being.  I can’t begin to imagine something so horrible.  For me, it was a kick-in-the-pants and I was reminded that there are so many things that need prayerful attention.

You out it to yourself to view “Children of Syria”.  It’s a real depiction of humanity in the face of tremendous conditions.



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