Personal Thought

I’m left wondering if the Lord has a special battalion of intercessors whose job it is to keep celebrities in covered in prayer.  No, I’m not only talking about Christian celebrities, but those celebrities who may not know the Lord.  Do we take our walk seriously enough to be praying for the ones who are lost?  Only the Lord knows who are His-scripture says so. I know. 

In light of the event that happened yesterday, there is a sense of sadness.  Did I pray for his salvation?  A soul has now entered eternity-a place that is beyond forever-a person whom I had a tremendous crush on, at one point of my life-did I take the time to lift him up in prayer?  Was he ever witnessed to-did anyone in his life share Jesus with him? 

We shouldn’t miss opportunities to share Jesus with someone or to lift a person up in prayer.  Jesus died on the cross for everyone and He desires all to come to the knowledge of His saving grace.


4 Replies to “Personal Thought”

  1. I am certain God does have a special battalion (several!) praying day and night for those in the entertainment industry. A good reminder to pray without ceasing, and to never give up …thank you…

  2. Excellent questions that we need to ask about everyone that touches our lives in a meaningful way, and especially about those who live next to us who don’t know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Sometimes we forget that all must stand before God and that our lives on earth are temporary. We are on a journey, just passing through.


  3. So true. We don’t tend to pray for celebrities, as if they are somehow ‘other’. A good reminder.
    On that note, I have heard that Hillsong NYC ministers to quite a lot of celebrities these days, which is good to hear.

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