Nothing Is Bigger

Coworkers, the boss,

the long line at the gas station, the child or teacher giving your child a hard time, the receptionist at your doctor’s office who always gives you an ugly attitude – the enemy has his tactics that try to chip away at our peace. Listen to this song that I stumbled upon this past weekend and be encouraged, strengthened and reminded that nothing we go through is bigger or greater than our God!

Jesus is with you.  Keep your head up-you got this!

~Dulcinea 🙂

©Hodgepodge 4 the Soul™ – 2016 – All Rights Reserved


2 Replies to “Nothing Is Bigger”

  1. It’s a great message. Also, those people who give us such resistance along the way? Sometimes they just need a little grace. Who better to give it to them? Might change their days around.

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