I’m inspired by bloggers who allow themselves to be courageous in sharing their lives-struggles and victories.  Most of the time, the posts I read are similar to what I’m going through and I gain a new perspective.  And I’m almost positive that there’s a behind-the-scenes story, too-that’s true in my case.
For every post I’ve ever dared to publish, there is a back story-something in my life which inspired the post.  In such cases, it’s an agonizing decision to begin writing and even more so to publish because it leaves me feeling very naked.  But in the end, I believe that the Lord prompts me to share in order to touch the life of another.  I believe that’s ministry-not so much teaching or preaching a sermon, but allowing the Lord to use my scars as badges of honor to comfort and encourage someone else to keep going. 
Which is why, I’ve finally made up my mind to share the back story of some of my posts-possibly in book form.  This is something that has been agonized over, and started and stopped for too long.  Do I think of myself as an excellent blogger or writer?  Hardly!  The Lord uses the “foolish things to confound the wise.”  And it’s time to be obedient and courageous. The accounts I’ll be sharing are a part of my life that I have kept neatly locked away in a box.
Time is short. 

It’s time to come out of the woodwork and let Jesus shine through me.

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2 Replies to “Stories”

  1. Right On! Go for it. Your words will touch hearts and break through minds that I have been chained up for so many years. All the best.
    Shalom aleichem,

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