Kickin’ It

Who knew that soda would be such a hard habit to kick?!  No longer is soda an everyday thing for me, but I do have one every so often.  My goal is to not drink it at all.  For some reason when I’m feeling stressed, I’d rather have a Coke than eat-weird.  (My kids will be so glad when I finally kick this habit!)

There are some huge differences since I first posted about wanting to kick this soda habit. For starters, I find myself not wanting to let myself down my having a soda.  And there’s a difference in my weight.  I didn’t realize how much weight I would loose just by cutting out soda.  Another thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been staying away from it is that I’m more patient with myself this time around.

Oh yes!  And those stupid headaches don’t occur anymore! Woooooooooo! Usually, I would get these painful migraines, after not having a Coke or Dr. Pepper for a week, or two.  But not anymore.  Thank You, Jesus!

How I am with myself has changed, as well.  Before when I would start a healthier lifestyle, I would get discouraged if I wasn’t seeing results quickly enough, of if my spouse wasn’t seeing results quickly enough.  Now that we’re separated, and it’s just me, my kids and Jesus, I’m more peaceful with myself-if that makes any sense. 🙂

Personally, I can’t wait to see what else changes. 🙂



5 Replies to “Kickin’ It”

  1. There are no small victories, D. One leads to another and then yet another, and onto things you didn’t even know were possible. Looking forward to what’s next for you.

  2. It will bring wonderful changes in your life! I am so proud of you…tie a rubber band around your wrist and when you think you want to drink one, pull it and pop it on your arm, and you will soon do without, V8 juice makes such a wonderful variety of very tasteful gems! You will find them to make you smile. Love and hugs to you dear sister…God bless you and your family always1

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