“…he who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son.” ~ Rev. 21:7

Paradise. What will it be like?

My spirit asks that question often.  Imagine, every tongue, tribe, race and nation, who have made Christ their Lord and Savior, will be worshiping and glorifying the King.  It won’t be quite.  It will be gloriously jubilant!  Every voice raised.  Every eye focused on the Great Light of the One who sits on the throne. More often than not, my heart  longs to be there.  I want my kids there.  I want my parents there.  I want my husband there.  I want my best friend and her family there.  I want my brother and his family there. As badly as I want them all there, at the greatest family reunion ever, Jesus wants them there that much more.  He gave His life for all us and His love for my loved ones is so much greater than my finite mind can possibly comprehend.


I may not ever get to Hawaii, or any other tropical spot, but my Heavenly passport has been stamped, my boarding pass has been purchased by Blood, and I’m encourage all I can to come with me before the final boarding announcement is called.


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