Always Run to Jesus

Why is it that in stressful situations I want to run to the very thing I’m trying to kick? Food was always my go-to thing when I would feel down or under a lot of emotional stress. Growing up both of my grandmothers’ favorite thing to say in those moments was, “Here, have a cookie,” and I would be given a plate of cookies and a tall glass of milk. Later, it would be, “C’mon, let’s go out to eat,” and we would walk across the street to our favorite diner. My point is, I need to stop running from the fact that this problem exists inside me and that I can’t kick it with my own power.

I used to think that I didn’t need to take it to the Lord because, “I started it on my own, so I can kick it on my own.” Not! The same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives inside me and I should tap into Him in order to get rid of this mindset that I need food, junk food, soda, or even spend money, when I’m in high-stress situations. Who I need to run to is Jesus, not food, soda or money.

Thank You, Jesus for revealing Yourself to me, in a fresh and sweet new way this week, and even now as I type this out. Thank You for loving me!


One Reply to “Always Run to Jesus”

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