Standing before hundreds of thousands of people, hearing them shout your name as you are being awarded a most honored prize, listening to the anthem of your country being played, as the banner is lifted high-must be an amazing feeling and experience.  However, I’m waiting for the day to be among the crowd of hundreds, thousands, millions, billions of people, all in one voice, as we are casting our crowns at His feet, expressing our love and gratitude for saving us from an eternity of excruciating torment and giving us everlasting life, running on the Streets of Gold.

I’m waiting to see my Jesus face to face!


2 thoughts on “My Idea of Olympic Gold

  1. Its amazing, I was thinking the same thing! I remember when I was in High School I played basketball and won a lot of championships in the city of Philadelphia year around. People praise you and say you are great, but I always thank god for one thing especially, when I was born I was gravely ill, and almost died. God saved me and gave me special blessings and taught me o love everyone else more than myself, If You came into my house you might see my bible or my cross, but the trophies, they are stored away…they are only material momentos. My treasure is when I am able to write by the grace of God and share each day. I care for all of my brothers and sisters around the world, and if one is moved, yes even only one, then my heart is happy that they might move closer to the greatest love I know. In my prayers each day usually the last thing I asked of God is to remember his servant, i have his love, his grace, I have all I need…he makes my life complete, so your words inspire me but we are part of the same living tree! Love you my sister, and I am blessed by all you share!

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    1. How wonderful that we were thinking the same thing. Your comments always come at just the right time-what an encouragement you are and such a blessing! What an honor to serve the Lord with writing, and to be able to share His love for us. And I’m always blessed by what you write, my brother!


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