A Different Perspectpive

I was on Twitter a moment ago and saw a surfing video.  Immediately my spirit leaped when I saw it, and this thought/post came to me, and it’s my hope that this will encourage someone else as much as the message encouraged me. God knows who the individuals are…


Making the decision to live for Christ was the best decision I ever made, besides deciding to get married and become a mother of course. 😀  Over the years, the Lord has used my love for the ocean, and my desire to learn how to surf, to teach me what not only living for Him is, but living with Him truly is.

(Take a look at these videos before continuing to read, or have them playing while you’re reading.)

What look like difficulties could be the very things God wants to use to propel us in a particular direction.  In the Word, in John chapter 6 verses 15-21, we learn about Peter walking on the water, toward Jesus, during a storm.  I love that John points out, in verse 21,

“…then they willingly received him into the boat, and immediately the boat was at the land where they were going.”

It’s not meant to scare us-that’s what the enemy wants us to think.  Everyone will not have desire to get on the board, but they are on the beach-their names are in the Lambs Book of Life…

but there are those who have a deep desire to be in tune with the Holy Spirit, to go out to the deep, knowing that that’s where Jesus is, and being with Him is more important than being comfortably dry on the sand!  And after a while, it becomes more comfortable being with Him in the deep, than coming out of the water where everyone else is.  Many will not understand that about us.  Maybe the carnal Christians are still on the shoreline because they don’t want to die to self.  I don’t know.  I’m not intending to offend-merely pointing out that we who have a desire to get on that board are considered crazy if we don’t come out of the water when the waves get too big, or if we wipe out too many times.  The water is too peaceful, even when it’s loud.  It’s too much of a rush to give up. When we trust everything to Jesus, He is that balance we need to stand up on that board.  Continuing to trust Him is what we need to stay on the board.  Living for Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit is too much of a rush to give up. Don’t stop believing what He’s spoken over your life about, just because others around you don’t have the confidence to believe it.  If God said it, He WILL bring it to pass!



6 Replies to “A Different Perspectpive”

  1. Dulcinea, my dearest sister, I am so inspired by what your heart was led to share, the creator allowed you his creation to share a message that will bring many his way, and you may not ever know them but Christ does and he knows who will be touched to give up self to share with others. I have always loved you my sister, you are a blessing to all you know, and always a treasure to me and to many more whom you soon will know…never stop sharing His love that he place in you through your love which has blossomed filled with his spirit!!!! God bless you and your lovely family!!!

    1. Thank you, my brother. Certain pieces are so personal and precious that sometimes I just want to keep the message to myself, but this message excited me that I needed to get it out, if that makes any sense. Thank you for your love, prayers and encouragement-it means a lot to me

      1. There are many, many poems I have written over the last forty five years and most of the time I never read them or realized their message because they came in such great numbers. I have 42 manuscripts at the Library of the congress, and I am trying to make time to start going through many more. Not to brag but only to move you to share completely what he blessess you with. He preparres the messages that we will share, I know of times where I said to myself and Him why this message, I can’t do that. But he would say it was designated for some others and they will receive the message and understand. We are the one whom he allows to sow seeds , another waters and God will get the harvest. We are of the same vine my love one, and he is the eternal love who moves us and empowers us. So just share all that you write. God bless!

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