Allow me to get straight to the point, if you are in a season of financial lack-I mean a server extremely dry season, and you don’t even have enough to tithe the way you would like to, or the way that you used to. The few times that you’re able to tithe, you’re too embarrassed because you think the amount is too insignificant.  Well, let me tell you my friend, don’t listen to that voice.  It’s straight from the pit.  You have a natural and God-given soft spot in your heart to give.  You’re a giver and now you feel out of your element.  There is power in obedience to the Word of God, especially when it’s joyful obedience because of the love you have for our Savior because you are thankful that you are forgiven and on your way to heaven.

Let me encourage you that even if you don’t have much, or nothing except a “want to”, God will bless and honor your not much and your “want to.”  He’ll give you favor where the enemy tricked you into thinking you wouldn’t have favor.  I know because I’ve been living this very issue.  Not being employed, yet endeavoring to be in His perfect will for EVERYTHING, the times I’m able to tithe any amount is a privilege and honor to do so.  Last week, Wednesday night, I was at my daughter’s church and I hadn’t intended to give because it wasn’t my church home.  But at the last minute, I reached into my wallet, and and placed an amount in the envelope.  Later I realized that I gave a tithe amount of what I was blessed with that week.  I felt a little disappointed to be honest because I really wanted to tithe to my home church.  But I did have enough left over to do so when this past Sunday came around.  Arriving at church early for worship practice, I got my envelope ready and placed in my Bible. I couldn’t wait for the offering because I was able to give and I wasn’t hung up on the amount.  There was just a joy and excitement on the inside.

So what’s the point to all of this?  Well, there was a very uncomfortable situation concerning my landlord and myself.  And my girls and I have been blessed with a really great one, who’s also a believer in Jesus. But business is business and we had a “talk” this past weekend.  So needless to say I was on pins and needles about rent for this month.  To make a long story short, God supplied a portion of the remainder we needed and I know the rest of the remainder is on the way, too.  Plus, having favor with the landlord. No eviction notice is always good.  So am I saying all this for pity and attention?  Nope.  However, I do want to give attention to being 100 with our walk with Jesus.  (And at the same time, you might have a better understanding of the background story of some of my latest posts. 🙂 )

The point?

Nothing is too big or too minute for God to handle.  When we are faithful with what He’s called us to do, He’ll make sure our needs are met.  And we need to be thankful in everything, not complaining that we don’t have this or that.  So keep believing and trusting in our Lord and Savior, the anointed One, the Sent One, Jesus Christ.  It’s because of what He did for us, and accepting His precious gift of salvation, that we are grafted in and are joint heirs with Him.  God will not fail us ever!  Even in the dry season, when the stress level is so high we can’t sleep, He’ll bless us when we least expect it.





2 Replies to “Dry”

  1. Amazing grace… I understand your struggle…and I know of many faithful persevering believers who recently have been facing some tough and seemingly endless financial storms. Good news…this IS God’s JUBILEE year…and it doesn’t end until the Hebrew calendar turns over in October to year 5777…It is also significant as a Jubilee for it is not only full of His restoration promise, but it is the 70th ‘Jubilee’ since Joshua praised down Jericho and took the Promised Land. I believe and proclaim in Jesus name, a ‘promised land’ overflow for YOU… and all who are coming through economic tough times, for the Lord God DOES love a cheerful giver, and He doesn’t measure as man does …but blesses because He LOVES to do so! I know and believe that He also came that YOU may have life, and that MORE abundantly. May He open new and wonderful doors of provision for you! Amen and shalom! xo in Jesus

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