My daughter and I just finished watching 13th.  It’s been a very long time since I saw a documentary that moved me to tears, like 13th did. For years there has been a stirring in my spirit concerning American and Christians going to battle in prayer for our nation.  Sure there are so many issues to be praying about all over the world.  However, my heart and spirit are compelled to pray for this nation.  When my family and I were homeless, we got a different look at what our local government looks like – it was shocking but that doesn’t come close to what others have gone through in this country and are still going through.  There is a 911 call to my spirit to be vigilant and in constant prayer for my family, church and nation.  We need Jesus, for without Him we have nothing!


7 thoughts on “Appalled, Heartbroken & Pi$$ed!

  1. This is incredibly eye opening- just from the trailer and your words. I definitely need to watch this now. it’s amazing that information we are fed can be so different from the reality of a situation. Gosh, it breaks my heart.

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