One of Many Forgiveness Lessons


Prior to starting this blog, in 2011, my family and I were homeless for a period of six years, from Fall of 2004 to Spring 2010.  We lived with my parents for about year, after we lost our house.  We had two kids in middle school and two kids still in elementary.  I worked and volunteered at the elementary school and my husband worked for Boeing.  But when the plant in Long Beach closed, we opted not to move to Seattle because he didn’t want to uproot us from everything.  And I think he didn’t want to leave California either.  He’s a lot more sentimental than he cares to admit.  So my dad and husband had a talk, and we were moving in with them until we saved up to get a place.

My kids felt awkward about it, but soon after being around their grandpa, they started to feel at home.

With every fiber of my being, I hated going back. Those cold vibes that my mom could so easily shoot out were something that I didn’t want my family around.  And I was afraid that I would look like a failure in my parents’ eyes. But I had to suck it up.  Maybe a few months with them won’t be so bad-just until we save up enough for another place.  But it wound up being nine months and still nothing.  It seemed our family of four was too big for some realtors to consider.  As difficult as this time was for us, we were still able to keep our hearts on Jesus-even if my parents were not wanting any of it.  I just knew that the Lord was going to get us out of this!  He did, but not in the way we had anticipated.

On a Saturday morning, my mom said that she didn’t want us there anymore.  And my she didn’t want my dad to stop her decision.  She even called my brother to come over that day-for what I still don’t know.  So with tears streaming down my dad’s face, October 30, 2004, we left, all six of us.  My heart was breaking for my kids, for Dad, and for my husband.  I can’t even imagine what he must have been going through as a man.

The following month I got a new job so that was a morale booster.  And the following June, my nephew was born.  And I believe the Lord used this little guy to help me forgive my parents, especially my mom.

During the first year of being displaced, I didn’t communicate with them very much.  My mom would always be the one to answer the phone and I couldn’t speak to him unless I went through her first.  To say I was bitter would be an understatement.

Jumping forward to 2005, the birth of my nephew was what the Lord used to soften my heart because I wasn’t going to allow anyone or anything keep me from forming a bond with my nephew! I knew that it all had to start with being willing to forgive everything, without holding any grudges.  It hasn’t been easy, but it’s worth the freedom.



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4 Replies to “One of Many Forgiveness Lessons”

  1. As I read your words my heart silently sheds tears, and yet my spirit smiles for you because of the blessing of knowing you. You are a part of my heart and soul, as we are part of that same living vine. I know that He will care for your family always. You make my day better with all you share. Hugs and blessings my sister!

  2. Wow, it’s amazing that you went through all these things and still have a strong head on your shoulders. It’s tough when the enemy of your soul is your family member who you thought would be there the help you when you fall rather than kick you while your down. May God bless your family with many open doors of favour on every side in Jesus Name.


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