Thank You, Katinas

I developed this habit when I was in middle school when my parents got me a Walkman for Christmas. From then on, you would rarely see me without my headphones on and Walkman in hand.  Music became my escape and my safe place.  Even though I had full albums on cassette tape, I would have a few favorite songs that I would rewind and listen to over and over.  If a song moved me or touched a certain place in me, it was my song and I would listen and escape.

It was the same for me later in life, when my family and I were homeless, my music collection was always with me.  No, not my former secular stuff, but my collection of Gospel and Contemporary Christian music that was ever growing.  And thanks to my husband being a computer geek, I was able to convert all of it to MP3 and have entire music collection on an MP3 player.  (A quick shoutout to who ever developed MP3 formatting.  What a life saver!)

Years before our plight, I stumbled upon a  Gospel singing group, The Katinas.  I first saw them on a Bill Gaither special and I was drawn my their harmony and the sincerity in their voices-not showing off an ability to hit notes but a genuine love for Jesus that touched my heart.  Eventually, I purchased their first CD and played it over and over.  There was one song, though, that I would always skip over but 3 years later, when my family and I found ourselves “out there”, it was that very song I skipped over that would be my lifeline and daily, minute by minute reminder that Jesus was still on the throne, and that no matter what we face, HE LOVED ME AND WOULD GET US THROUGH AND EVENTUALLY, DELIVER US.

This particular day, I was in need of a new song.  I had suddenly grown tired of my entire music collection and was seriously feeling unsatisfied with my worship.  I wanted to go deeper.  Even though homeless, I wasn’t going to allow the devil to rob me of my ability to worship and show my love for my Savior.  So, while sitting in the front seat as my husband was putting gas in the car, I put my headphones on, and turned on my little red MP3 player.  It wasn’t an iPod.  It was a generic brand that looked like a flashdrive and I was blessed to have it.  When the first song came on, I was surprised because it usually started where I left off from.  I was about to skip it, when I felt something in my spirit say, “Listen.”  So I did.

Verse by verse, as the song played on, the Presence of the Lord, precious Holy Spirit, had placed me in His embrace and was reassuring me of who HE was to me and who HE will always be to me-a loving, strong God who calls me His daughter.

Since I started this blog I have searched Youtube far and wide, to find this song so that I would be able to share it with you and today I am happy to say that I found it! 😀

Thank you, Katinas, for allowing the Lord to use you to minister to so many, including myself.


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