To say that the past few days were eventful would be a huge understatement.  What a headache to have plumbing issues for 3 days and to have it carry over a few nights, as well, was more than irritating.  Sleepless, stressed to the breaking point actually because I live with 2o-somethings who at times think they all rule the roost. 🙂  Who out there has a tendency to play that lovely mental game of “what if”?  Yeah? Well I do too.  So much so that I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

No more!

What if’ing From Thursday night until yesterday afternoon, about potential landlord issues concerning the plumbing, “will we be charged?”, “are my landlords pulling a fast one on us?”, “what if it doesn’t get fixed?!”, “what if this issue happens again?”  I was a mess!  So glad that I didn’t stay home and pushed on to church yesterday because I would have missed a great message.

Jesus touched them and said, “Arise and do not be afraid.” ~Matthew 17:7

A simply worded sentence with one of the most profound message.  Do not be afraid.  The disciples had just seen Jesus transfigured, glowing and speaking with Elijah and Moses, who were dead.  And Peter thinking that it was so amazing, wanted to erect some monument to designate where this wonderful thing had taken place.  And as Peter was speaking, God the Father interrupted him by saying, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.  Listen to Him!”  Apparently the voice they heard was full of authority and needless to say an unnerving thing to have happen that the disciples fell down on there faces.  I love how the focus in this portion of Scripture doesn’t let us know what Jesus, Moses and Elijah were talking about.  The focus is God telling us to focus on Jesus.  For when the disciples look up, all they see is Jesus.

When I heard those words telling me not to be afraid, my mental state, the exhaustion, the uncertainty and fear melted away and I was left with the realization that if I have Jesus, there’s NOTHING to be afraid of!

When we are afraid, focus on Jesus.

When we feel alone, focus on Jesus.

When the future is uncertain, focus on Jesus.



14 thoughts on “On Being Afraid

  1. I pray that all is well, I had some things that happened over the last 4 days, which I could not control, and I let it go, gave it to God and He took care of it. When he did peace of mind entered my day. Here’s a poem for you, love you my sister. God bless you and your family

    Peace of Mind

    I rest silently in the
    fullness of Your love
    tasting of its peace,
    happiness and joy

    It is my home, my
    sanctuary from the
    evil of the world

    It is also
    the food and drink
    my spirit needs

    My soul needs to rest
    in You every moment of
    my day so I may have
    peace of mind.


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