Still Here

I know. I haven’t posted in “forever”! Life has been taking over a little bit but it’s nothing that I can’t handle.  I just ended a two month long study, with my husband, in the book of John. What a powerful time it was.  Although I’ve read the book of John before, this time it felt so brand new and I never noticed before how much Jesus was driving home the point that “He and the Father are one.”  And that God just isn’t our God, but our Father and that to know God, you must accept Jesus as not only Savior, but as God Himself-for that’s who He is.

The biggest thing that hit me, during this Bible study, is worship.  I have a deeper understanding as to what true worship is.  It’s more than must singing a slow song unto the Lord.  It’s so much sweeter and intimate than I was aware of before.

My husband I and I developed our relationship throughout the Bible study, as well.  There were spots of contention at times, over the smallest of issues, but my desire to know God more and to learn what He wanted me to learn in this Bible study helped to keep me from going over the top-the way I used to do with him.

I, also, am convinced that we are truly in the “Last Days”, and that we need to be ready for that Trumpet to sound, and that we should be sharing Jesus with as many as we can before it’s too late.

In a nutshell, God’s Word has changed me.  What a privilege to be able to get to know the Creator of EVERYTHING just by reading His Word and allowing it to change me from the inside out!

Have a great Thursday everyone.  And just in case you haven’t heard it today, I love you and you’re so very special.


One Reply to “Still Here”

  1. I, too, am beginning to believe we are surely seeing the labor pains of the latter days. In labor, there are several stages as it gets closer to actually delivering the baby. The Bible refers to the last days with analogies of a woman giving birth. We are in a stage of labor that could transition at anytime.

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