Verse of the Day – Isaiah 40:25

The Bottom of a Bottle

Isaiah 40:25 Isaiah 40:25

I have searched for many things, in places that I should never have gone, but the only place I found true hope and peace, was in the presence of God, to Him, no one can compare.

I met You like a little child
Wide-eyed and mystified
That You could love even me, yeah
So I’m here to testify
That it’s been an amazing ride with You
And I have never walked alone
Wanna give You every moment, every minute
It takes a lifetime to know You, to know You

And the more You show me, the more You grow me
The more Your glory becomes all there is
And the more I know You, the more I need You
The more I love You, the more You become to me

Fast-forward to the golden years
A smaller pride and a bigger fear
But still…

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