Naked for His Glory

Have you ever been so consumed with work or life, that it takes you away from your passion or even your prayer life? Around January, I started a new job.  Well, to be honest I was offered a new job out of the blue and I accepted right on the spot.  Normally, I would take […]

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On Being Afraid

To say that the past few days were eventful would be a huge understatement.  What a headache to have plumbing issues for 3 days and to have it carry over a few nights, as well, was more than irritating.  Sleepless, stressed to the breaking point actually because I live with 2o-somethings who at times think […]

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Allow me to get straight to the point, if you are in a season of financial lack-I mean a server extremely dry season, and you don’t even have enough to tithe the way you would like to, or the way that you used to. The few times that you’re able to tithe, you’re too embarrassed […]

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Always Run to Jesus

Why is it that in stressful situations I want to run to the very thing I’m trying to kick? Food was always my go-to thing when I would feel down or under a lot of emotional stress. Growing up both of my grandmothers’ favorite thing to say in those moments was, “Here, have a cookie,” […]

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